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    What to expect each week?

    A curated list of gender jobs will come for free straight to your inbox, with opportunities for the ones among you who are already working as gender professionals, as well as the ones that are aspiring to do so.

    These will range from jobs in non-profit and non-governmental organisations, feminist associations, international organisations, public sector, to ones in research institutions, consultancy firms, foundations and philanthropy organisations, and more.

    They will be full-time positions, consultancy opportunities, internships and fellowships from all over the world, local contracts as well as remote jobs.

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    Why Gender Jobs?

    • To contribute to recognising, valuing and adequately compensating gender expertise
    • To facilitate access to opportunities to work on gender equality and LGBTQI+ rights
    • To support gender professionals - especially young professionals - to navigate the complex and exciting reality of gender jobs


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