About GenderJobs.org

GenderJobs.org is a platform with a comprehensive list of job opportunities to work on gender equality and LGBTQI+ rights, curated by gender professionals and intersectional feminists who intimately know the sector and are extremely passionate about supporting other gender professionals and anyone who is aspiring to become one!

Our mission

With GenderJobs.org we want to:

  • Facilitate access to opportunities to work on gender equality, women’s rights and LGBTQI+ rights, by supporting current and aspiring gender professionals, particularly young professionals, to navigate the existing and growing variety of gender jobs
  • Support organisations working on gender equality and LGBTQI+ rights to find qualified and passionate gender professionals
  • Promote the value of gender expertise as well as inclusive and feminist employment policies
  • Provide insights and data about the gender equality sector
  • Carefully curated

    The selection of gender jobs included in the platform has been carefully curated by gender professionals, so you no longer have to dig through random job ads and websites that do not really understand what you might be looking for!

  • Tailored to your interest

    Find what you need by filtering job opportunities. You can sort gender jobs based on the job type, key thematic areas, type of organisation, remote options, pay transparency and much more…

  • Up-to-date

    We update the platform with new gender jobs every week and we send a weekly summary via our Gender Jobs Newsletter and on social media! You can also post a job on behalf of your organisation to reach thousands of gender professionals!

  • First of Its Kind

    This is just the beginning! We are open and excited to hear your feedback and to hear how GenderJobs.org can best support you as a jobseeker or organisation!


Ludovica Anedda headshot

Ludovica Anedda

Co-Founder & Co-President

Italian gender professional currently working in national and global advocacy spaces. Intersectional feminist, extremely passionate about valuing gender expertise and widening access to opportunities to work on gender equality and LGBTQI+ rights.

Peninah Kimiri headshot

Peninah Kimiri

Co-Founder & Co-President

Kenyan born, third culture individual. Gender-based violence specialist with experience in humanitarian, nexus and development settings. Dedicated to mentoring young women wanting to enter and advance into the gender equality sector.

Emily Usher Shrair headshot

Emily Usher Shrair

Business Development Lead & Board Member

Emily is a British American gender specialist, fundraiser, and social entrepreneur. Loves forging connections between progressive donors and impactful feminist causes.

Lucia Harcegova headshot

Lucia Harcegova

Web Developer

Sustainability and human rights aficionada, turned software developer. Excited to use the technology to create meaningful and sustainable solutions for people. Lucia developed the entire GenderJobs.org website

Chloé Bertrand headshot

Chloé Bertrand

Board Member

Ghanaian-French, South African-born social impact professional working in development finance. Founder of Afrorama, a web-based encyclopedia of the African continent. Afro-optimist passionate about African history and culture, achieving gender equality, and personal and professional development.

Naeemah Khan headshot

Asli Ciyow

Board Member

Activist at heart and for many years defending social justice and equality. Committed in making a difference when training on gender equality, gender-based violence, interculturality and intersectionality.

Naeemah Khan headshot

Naeemah Khan

Board Member

Fiji Islander, feminist. Experience working on gender equality and development with Pacific feminist NGOs and development agencies focusing on issues such as the prevention of gender based violence, women in leadership and women’s economic justice.

Mina Jack Tolu headshot

Mina Jack Tolu

Board Member

Italian-Maltese trans and non-binary activist. Extensive background and experience in running communications and campaigns for LGBTQI non-profits. Currently working on improving representation of trans people in the media. Committed to supporting young LGBTQI activists who want to get paid for their expertise and have their workers' rights respected.


Laura Latuillerie headshot

Laura Latuillerie

UX & Visual identity

Laura is a French UI Design & Web Developer. Educated in an Asian household and through the prism of art, she mainly works with NGOs to contribute somehow to causes and changes she believes in. Laura supported the team to create GenderJobs.org's visual identity

Placeholder Image

Caterina Campagna, @studio_09100


Marketing professional turned illustrator, looking for impactful outlets for ideas and creativity. Honoured to participate in meaningful projects that advocate for gender equality and social justice. Caterina created the character illustrations you will have seen on GenderJobs.org’s social media.

Partners & Allies

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