Support Learning, Work by and for Racialised LGBTI Communities in Europe



  • Career category:Monitoring & Evaluation /MEAL
  • Job type:Consultancy
  • Humanitarian or Development:Humanitarian
  • Experience level:Not specified
  • Organisation type:Civil Society
  • Remote option:Hybrid
  • Right to work requirements:Right to work required in advance
  • Salary: Not Disclosed
  • Deadline:24/09/2023
  • Location:Belgium
Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) Racial justice LGBTQI+ rights/ SOGIESC
We are looking for a consultant (learning partner) who will a) support the Programmes Officer as a learning partner, and b) co-design and carry out the learning component of the programme based on the three learning tiers.

What does this support look like in practical terms?

Key reflection moments and learning activities: 3-5 peer-learning sessions; one in-person meeting of the cohort; regular check-in calls with each individual organisation; consultations with grantees on learning needs and formats; 2-3 reflection moments for ILGA-Europe’s team.

The support can look like (but not being limited to):

  • Assisting in adjusting learning questions and learning formats of the programme when/if needed (throughout the programme);
  • Assisting in designing meaningful consultations with organisations on themes and ways to conduct the peer-learning sessions (throughout the programme);
  • Planning activities to bring the learning to the wider LGBTI movement and to ILGA-Europe’s team;
  • Providing advice and critical questioning during key reflection moments and learning activities;
  • Assisting in and/or leading facilitation for the peer-learning sessions (3-5 sessions overall);
  • Capturing the cases, conclusions and analysis resulting from the learning activities to inform future work and/ or be shareable in the future;
  • Supporting the Programmes Officer in translating the learning from the programme into relevant, meaningful and shareable formats for the wider LGBTI movement (through the programme);
  • Thinking through what ILGA-Europe can learn from the implementation of this programme and from the organisations about how to position itself to inform further work on anti-racism and socio-economic injustice (throughout the programme);
  • Co-authoring, drafting, designing and/or reviewing the materials prepared by Programmes Officer to share with the wider LGBTI movement and ILGA-Europe’s team (towards the end of the programme).
We are looking for someone to start working with us from the first week of October 2023 through to 31 August 2024 (a few months after the programme ends). We expect that this work will be fluid and evolve in the process depending on needs and challenges arising.

Our ideal candidate:
  • Has a proven track record in supporting peer-learning and networking among human rights and/or social justice groups; 
  • Have a proven track record in supporting participatory learning and building community among groups;
  • Has a demonstrated understanding of intersectionality related to racial injustice and socio-economic inequality, and the material and emotional pressure this entails for activists working in and with these realities;
  • Has a good understanding of the LGBTI equality agenda and LGBTI activism;
  • Is able to communicate clearly and with nuance in English, but with experience of managing intercultural communication;
  • Has experience working on multilingual projects, and designing with translation – and power relations – in mind;
  • Has knowledge of and a track record of working with the LGBTI movement in Europe.

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