Gender and GBV analysis Consultancy


Save the Children

  • Career category:Programme/ Project design & management
  • Job type:Consultancy
  • Humanitarian or Development:Humanitarian
  • Experience level:5-10 years
  • Organisation type:Civil Society
  • Remote option:No
  • Right to work requirements:Not specified
  • Salary: Not Disclosed
  • Deadline:08/10/2023
  • Location:Somalia
Gender in emergencies Gender-based violence (GBV)
Gender And GBV Analysis aims to collect information about the different needs, capacities, and coping strategies of women, men, boys, and girls in the project targeted locations. It will also collect data on GBV risks, prevalence, GBV service availability, and barriers to access care for GBV survivors. This will provide practical programming and operational recommendations to meet different needs of men, women, boys, and girls.
Specific Objectives:
The specific objectives of the Rapid Gender are as following:
a.       To identify and analyze the specific gender dynamics, inequalities and vulnerabilities related to the targeted sectors within the Somalia context.
b.      To understand the different needs, interests, capacities and coping mechanisms of girls and boys, women, and men.
c.       Assess GBV risks, trends, services, and barriers. Also, community knowledge and attitude to GBV survivors.
d.      Provide recommendations/action plan on the finding/gaps of gender equality and improve integration gender equality and GBV interventions into sector programs.
The Gender and GBV Analysis will be qualitative data based on combination of primary and secondary information to understand gender roles and relations and how these may change during a crisis in relation to the sectors.
The following methodology will be employed:
·         Literature review (of published and grey literature) and review of current/previous program evaluations.
·         Individual /HH Survey to collect broader perspectives and quantitative data.
·         Focus Group Discussions with girls and boys (in sex and age disaggregated groups: 10 -14 and 15-18 years old).
·         Focus Group Discussions with women and men (19 years and over, in sex disaggregated groups).
·         Workshop with SCI staff (and were appropriate, partner staff) to validate findings and recommendations.
·         Key informative interview (KII).
Target location
The assessment will cover Puntland, Somaliland, and South-central states. Below table will be highlighted the specific regions and districts.
·         Inception report with methodologies and tools.
·         A response-wide Gender Analysis and Gender Action Plan with actions for each sector and team.
·         Comprehensive report summarizing the findings, analysis, and gender action plan.
·         Workshop for presentation of the findings, recommendations, and action plan to relevant stakeholders/ sectors

Technical Requirements
The following are minimum requirements for the Consultant/Firm to be considered for carrying out the assignment: -
•          Should have minimum bachelor’s degree in social science or equivalent experience and training in gender equality and GBV
•          At least 7 years’ work experience in conducting assessments, in the field of gender equality, GBV, child protection and disability. Both   focused and mainstreaming.
•         Fluency in English (both written, and spoken).
•         Ability to conduct key informant interviews with a broad range of individuals, including local government officials, traditional Somali clan elders, business persons, and civil society organizations;

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