Co-Lead, Programmes & Innovation


Pacific Feminist Fund (PFF)

Remote (local)
  • Career category:Programme/ Project design & management
  • Job type:Job
  • Humanitarian or Development:Development
  • Experience level:10+ years
  • Organisation type:Funds
  • Remote option:Remote (local)
  • Right to work requirements:Right to work required in advance
  • Salary: Not Disclosed
  • Work schedule:Full-time
  • Length of contract:Temporary/ Fixed-term
  • Deadline:20/10/2023
  • Location:Pacific
Movement building
1. Strategic Leadership and Executive Oversight
• Shared Leadership: Co-lead in ways that promote feminism, through co-creating approaches and methods that promote shared decision making internally and externally.
• Vision and Strategy: Conduct overall promotion of the PFF’s vision, approach, and programmes with collective decision-making. Co-facilitate development of the strategic vision and political positioning of PFF, and implementation of the PFF’s strategic plan, annual plans, related work planning, and organisational development and growth plans.

2. Financial Sustainability and Resilience
• Provide strategic oversight of PFF’s overall financial health and management.
• Help diversify the range of donors engaging in the Pacific, the manner of their engage-
ment and the duration of their commitments through various methods, including chan-
nelling insights from programme partners to support fundraising.

3. Governance
• Strengthen PFF’s feminist governance by overseeing, co-facilitating and supporting
diverse processes and structures, such as participatory decision-making mechanisms.
• Oversee and work in close collaboration and coordination with PFF’s management
team, fostering cross-team collaboration, feminist accountability, and care-centered leadership.

• Work closely with PFF’s Board of Trustees, including assisting the Board to identify and properly manage risks, assisting in the selection of new Board members, supporting planning and evaluation meetings, supporting Board-staff communications, liaising with the Advisory Group and specific Sub-Committees that are formed, among others.
4. Human Resources Development, Support and Management
• Co-supervise team members who work on cross-cutting matters, including MEAL,
Strategic Finance, and Communications Enablers (conduct virtual or face to face reviews, support their professional development and growth within PFF, provide close guidance and support) and enable individual and team growth and shared leadership.
5. Programmatic Development and Support
• Provide strategic guidance and support to PFF’s Communications Enabler, for the
development and implementation of PFF’s Communications Strategy. Guide strategic external communications based on combined insights from programme MEAL and fundraising lessons learned to inform and engage the funding landscape toward catalysing more funding, overcoming negative perceptions of feminism and making visible collective and community work.
6. Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning
• Co-develop a systemized approach to MEAL, linked to strategic outcomes, and provide strategic guidance and support to PFF’s MEAL Enabler. Glean insights from MEAL reporting to infuse into the PFF’s communications strategy to make visible feminist work across grantee partners in meaningful ways to all PFF’s audiences.

Key Knowledge, Experience and Requirements
• Demonstrated experience in grant-making across grant making cycle - setting direction, formulating policies for grant-making and implementing.
• Experience in leading and creating innovative programmes and providing accompaniment or
capacity development approaches.
• At least 10 years of experience in the Pacific working with collective and community-based
processes, governance and organisations, this can include experience in community-run and
mutual aid initiatives, collective decision making, shared and rotational leadership practices,
alternative governance models, and more.

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