Project Research Consultant- VAWG in and through the Media


African Women in Media (AWiM) 

Remote (global)
  • Career category:Comms/ Digital/ Media, Research/ Data analysis
  • Job type:Consultancy
  • Humanitarian or Development:Development
  • Experience level:Other (specified in job description)
  • Organisation type:Civil Society
  • Remote option:Remote (global)
  • Right to work requirements:Anyone can apply
  • Salary: $ 8000 / One-off
  • Deadline:19/04/2024
  • Location:Remote (global)
Gender-based violence (GBV) Movement building
About African Women in Media (AWiM)  

African Women in the Media is an international non-governmental organization with the aim to positively impact the way media functions in relation to African women. Our members are African women from a diverse range of media backgrounds. Our vision is that one-day African women will have equal access to representation and opportunities in media industries and media content. African Women in the Media (AWiM) aims to contribute to the creation of enabling environments for African women who work in media industries, and to change the way African women are represented in media content. It does this through knowledge production, training and partnerships.  

About the research 

This two-pronged research, covering Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo will focus on an in-depth analysis of; Violence against female journalists and an analysis of how the media reports Violence against Women & Girls in each country. 

The primary goal of this research is to comprehensively assess the baseline status of media coverage, existing gaps and challenges in addressing gender-based violence in and through the media. Through rigorous examination and critical analysis, the consultant will contribute to the development of evidence-based recommendations aimed at improving reporting practices and ending violence against women journalists.  The research findings will also inform the content and structure of a Media Toolkit on VAWG reporting in Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo. These will include actionable strategies and best practices for ethical and sensitive reporting on VAWG. The toolkit will serve as a comprehensive resource for media professionals seeking to enhance their reporting skills. 

About the role and expected outputs  

We are seeking a qualified consultant to undertake an extensive review and analysis of Violence against Women & Girls in and through the media in Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo. The consultancy deliverables and expected outputs are as follows: 

  1. One detailed report highlighting the key findings and recommendations from the research in the three project areas. 
  2. 3 toolkits for media professionals in each project area, offering practical guidance and resources for ethically and effectively reporting on violence against women and girls. 
Required Qualifications and Experience: 

  1. Expertise in researching Media, Gender Studies, Gender-Based Violence, or related social science field. 
  2. Deep understanding of the various forms of violence against women and girls, including domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, trafficking, and harmful traditional practices. Experience in media monitoring and/or researching VAWGs would be an advantage. 
  3. Proficiency in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and study design is essential. 
  4. Proficiency in data collection and analysis. This includes skills in survey design, interviews, focus groups, and data analysis techniques. 
  5. Ability to analyze complex data sets related to VAWG, interpret findings accurately, and draw meaningful conclusions to inform policy and programmatic responses. 
  6. Excellent English and French written skills and communicating complex information in an accessible way 

Language Requirement  
Advanced Proficiency in English and French (written and oral) is mandatory. 

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