Gender Consultant



  • Location: Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo 
  • Career category:Programme/ Project design & management
  • Job type:Consultancy
  • Humanitarian or Development:Development
  • Experience level:Not specified
  • Organisation type:Civil Society
  • Remote option:No
  • Right to work requirements:Right to work required in advance
  • Salary: Not Disclosed
  • Location:Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo 
Generic (e.g. 'gender focal point' role
Description of Consultancy

WI-HER seeks a short term Gender Consultant (1 in Mozambique, 1 in DRC) to support the application of gender-intentional approach into forecasting and supply planning via bringing gender to the forefront and conducting awareness raising sessions during the action planning phase of project start up. The consultant will support national level stakeholders during the project kickoff workshop to identify gender related barriers and gaps, and to co-design solutions that address the context and gaps.

LOE: 5 days (excluding travel, if required)

Anticipated timeframe: February 15, 2024 – March 30, 2025

Company Description

WI-HER, LLC is an international consulting firm that identifies and implements creative solutions to complex health and social challenges to achieve better, healthier lives for women, men, girls and boys. We employ an integrated, multisectoral approach that works across sectors to improve health outcomes and achieve sustained development. WI-HER, LLC is a woman-owned small business based in Vienna, VA.

Program Description

WI-HER is providing technical assistance to a project recently launched by JSI in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - the Immunization Collaborative Supply Planning Strengthening Project (ICSPS). The objective of this work is to strengthen the capacity and agency of countries to make evidence-based forecasting and supply planning decisions by adding alternative approaches to test improvements in vaccine supply. A key element of the project will be to ensure that these approaches are gender-intentional to support transformational change in forecasting and supply planning across 5 countries (Nigeria, Mozambique, Pakistan, Ethiopia, DRC).

Overall Consultant Responsibilities

  • Review background materials to understand current context, challenges and opportunities for forecasting and supply planning. (4 hours)
  • Meet with WI-HER staff to review gender session facilitation plans and prepare for session facilitation. (4 hours)
  • Using WI-HER facilitation tools, deliver a 2 hour GESI session focused on the application of principle of Gender Equity as they relate to supply chain management (forecasting and supply planning).
  • Participate as the project’s Gender Technical Expert in a 3-day project stakeholder kickoff meeting with national level project partners in one country (Mozambique Feb 21-24, DRC dates TBD). (3 days)
  • Highlight relevant gender considerations throughout meeting sessions to ensure that plans and activities developed during and after the kickoff meeting incorporate gender equity considerations.
  • Develop and submit a report from the meeting, including specific recommendations for the inclusion of gender in project action plans and MEAL plans, including recommendations for integration of gender into the project's adaptive learning.efforts (4 hours)
  • Meet with WI-HER consultants from other countries to debrief across national level workshops and share recommendations. (4 hours)

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