Board Members


Africa Center for Health Systems and Gender Justice (ACHGJ)

Remote (global)
  • Career category:Finance, Programme/ Project design & management, Research/ Data analysis, Legal
  • Job type:Volunteering
  • Humanitarian or Development:Development
  • Experience level:Other (specified in job description)
  • Organisation type:Civil Society
  • Remote option:Remote (global)
  • Right to work requirements:Anyone can apply
  • Salary: Volunteer position
  • Length of contract:Temporary/ Fixed-term
  • Deadline:12/02/2024
  • Location:Remote (global)
Organization Overview
The Africa Center for Health Systems and Gender Justice is an organization committed to enhancing health systems and advancing gender justice throughout Africa. The center focuses on the social, economic, and cultural factors that contribute to unequal health outcomes for different genders and works to promote gender-responsive healthcare and gender-inclusive policies. We are currently looking for passionate and dedicated Board Members to join our team in various specialized roles. We are deeply committed to feminism and its core principles. We challenge norms, address systemic injustices, and recognize the intersectionality of gender-based discrimination with other forms of oppression. Inclusivity is a priority for us, ensuring marginalized voices are heard, and our commitment to feminist principles includes advocating for gender equality, acknowledging intersectional experiences, empowering individuals, fostering solidarity, and holding ourselves and others accountable. Our dedication to feminism is dynamic, evolving as we learn from the communities we serve. We are proud to be working towards a world where gender equality is a lived reality for everyone.

● Provide strategic guidance and oversight to ensure the organization fulfills its mission and objectives effectively.
● Ensure the organization adheres to legal and ethical standards and maintains financial accountability.
● Participate actively in board meetings and relevant committee meetings.
● Contribute to fundraising and resource mobilization efforts.
● Serve as an ambassador for the organization, promoting its goals and initiatives.
Provide mentorship and support to the executive team.

We seek Board members with the following Specialised Skills:
1. Legal
● Advise on legal matters, policy compliance, and risk management.
● Ensure the organization’s activities comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
● Guide the organization through legal aspects of contracts, partnerships, and other agreements.
2. Finance
● Oversee the financial health of the organization, including budgeting, financial planning, and reporting.
● Ensure proper financial controls and accountability measures are in place.
● Guide investment strategies and financial management.
3. Health Systems
● Offer expertise on health system strengthening and policy development.
● Guide strategies for health system improvements and collaborations with health sector stakeholders.
● Support program development that aligns with health system goals and needs.
4. Health Research
● Provide insights and guidance on health research priorities and methodologies.
● Ensure research activities are ethical and relevant, and contribute to the field of health systems and gender justice.
● Promote research collaborations and the dissemination of findings.

● Recognized expertise and professional experience in one of the specified
areas: Legal, Finance, Health Systems, or Health Research.
● Demonstrated commitment to health systems improvement and gender justice.
● Strong leadership and strategic thinking skills.
● Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
● Previous board experience is desirable but not required.

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