Assistant Professor in the Sociology of Gender and Sexuality


University of Cambridge

  • Career category:Programme/ Project design & management
  • Job type:Job
  • Experience level:Not specified
  • Organisation type:Research
  • Remote option:No
  • Right to work requirements:Anyone can apply
  • Salary: $ 45585-57696 / yearly
  • Work schedule:Full-time
  • Length of contract:Temporary/ Fixed-term
  • Deadline:15/01/2024
  • Location:United Kingdom
Key Responsibilities 
  1. Teaching: writing lecture material and presenting information in lectures;  marking student papers;  may be member of departmental planning team to determine teaching programme for the academic year;  takes feedback from students to improve teaching methodologies and content within the department/faculty; for example, will make changes to course material; changing and adapting course material following research; providing guidance and advice to students e.g. career advice or pastoral care regarding personal issues. 
  2.   Research – publications: writing papers on topics relevant to specialist subject area(s). This will include journals, books and other material. 
  3. Research active: investigating new areas of research within specialist subject area; identifying research topics; determining appropriate research methodologies for research; adapting research methodologies; applying appropriate research methodologies for research and analysing results/conclusions to formulate new concepts and ideas; writing reports to relevant bodies about progress of research. 
  4. Examinations: writing examination papers; marking examination papers for graduate and undergraduate students; writing examination reports for faculty/departmental review; writing dissertation reports; providing references for students 
  5. Administration: may be member of departmental/faculty subject group, determining teaching requirements; actively investigating funding opportunities within area of research – this will include submitting research grant applications; may participate in relevant committees within department/faculty; may, on occasion, participate in school/University committees where appropriate and/or where invited 
  6. Postgraduate Students: mentoring and guiding the work and research of postgraduate students. 
  7. External: attending conferences in specialist subject area to liaise and network with national/international colleagues the role holder may, on occasion, be invited to give presentations and lectures in his/her specialism and/or organise sessions in conferences or workshops; participating in external working groups – on occasions the role holder may be asked to participate in collaborative projects; may provide references on behalf of academic colleagues; may participate in peer review of publications. 
  8. Other: undertake additional duties as appropriate 

Person Specification
  • This section details the knowledge, skills and experience we require for the role. 
  • Education Educated to degree level, normally with a PhD in the  Sociology or a cognate discipline. If the PhD is in a cognate field, then you must demonstrate the ability to make substantial contributions to research and teaching in Sociology.  
  • Evidence of the ability to engage in high-level internationally renowned research, with publications and participation in scholarly activity commensurate with stage of career.  
  • Willing and demonstrates the ability to take a leading role in the supervision of advanced research students 
  • Demonstrate a firm commitment to teaching at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels  
  • A track record in ensuring research funding for both local and global projects, as necessary
  • Skills Ability to develop University level courses in relevant areas 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and able to demonstrate engaging and effective communication with students and colleagues in their research area 

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