Learning and Impact Managing Officer


Urgent Action Fund for Feminism Activism (UAF)

Remote (local)
  • Career category:Monitoring & Evaluation /MEAL
  • Job type:Job
  • Humanitarian or Development:Development
  • Experience level:5-10 years
  • Organisation type:Civil Society
  • Remote option:Remote (local)
  • Right to work requirements:Right to work required in advance
  • Salary: $ 124125 / yearly
  • Work schedule:Full-time
  • Length of contract:Temporary/ Fixed-term
  • Deadline:04/01/2024
  • Location:United States 
Gender-based violence (GBV) Movement building
●     Drive Team Learning and Knowledge Generation- Provide strategic leadership and oversight of MEL approaches that are grounded in Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism’s mission and values. 

●     Lead, Refine and Maintain Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism’s MEL System and Processes- Innovate measurement strategies for emergent and hard-to-measure concepts of interest and importance to Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism (e.g., holistic safety and collective care). 

● Build Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism’s MEL capacity and streamline MEL with organizational processes - Integrate reflection and learning into program team practices; create opportunities for strategic learning, including facilitating workshops and learning events

●     Establish and Lead the learning and impact team staff and consultantsThe hiring of this position is part of a learning and impact team expansion, and the position will be expected to manage one team member, the Senior Learning & Impact Officer. 

●     Inform Program Strategy and Staffing Structure- Make recommendations, give feedback, and share data and reflections on Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism’s Program Strategy and staffing structure build-out.

●     Drive Special Initiatives- Lead the design and implementation of special MEL projects to further program team goals such as evaluations, research, and more.

●     Support Partnership Participation- Co-lead the “Sister Funds” MEL Core Group and collaborate with its members and facilitator to strengthen and implement the Sister Funds MEL framework and TOC, and cross-regional learning, evaluation and knowledge documentation initiatives; 

●      Contribute to the finalization of the Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism’s new TOC and ensure the consideration and integration of the Sister Funds TOC.
● Led the development and implementation of the Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism’s new MEL framework while ensuring the consideration and integration of the Sister Funds MEL framework.
●      Facilitate the strengthening of the Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism’s MEL system, including but not limited to developing a human resources plan for the Learning and Impact team and incorporating relevant technology to store, manage, analyze, and visualize data.

●      Critical understanding of feminism, social justice, and human rights issues facing women, trans, non-binary, and intersex people. Strong feminist analysis and power analysis; understanding of intersectionality in movements and organizational practice
●      Familiarity with feminist MEL principles and methods
●      7 years of MEL and research experience with MEL and research related to gender justice, human rights, or allied social justice movements
●      3 years experience leading a team
●      Technical expertise in diverse organizational learning, evaluation, and strategy development approaches, preferably in social justice or human rights work (and social justice grant-making)
●      Demonstrated experience designing and implementing evaluations of advocacy and complex social change initiatives, theories of change, and feminist, participatory and/or community-based approaches to MEL 

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