Development of a Policy Brief on the Human Rights of Intersex People


Global Action for Trans Equality (GATE)

Remote (global)
  • Career category:Advocacy/ Policy
  • Job type:Consultancy
  • Humanitarian or Development:Development
  • Experience level:Not specified
  • Organisation type:Civil Society
  • Remote option:Remote (global)
  • Right to work requirements:Anyone can apply
  • Salary: $ 35000 / One-off
  • Deadline:15/12/2023
  • Location:Remote (global)
Intersex rights LGBTQI+ rights/ SOGIESC
1. Background
Intersex people often face unique human rights challenges globally, including issues in healthcare, legal recognition, and social acceptance. There is a significant gap in policy advocacy that addresses these challenges effectively and inclusively. This project aims to develop a comprehensive policy brief that encapsulates the human rights concerns of intersex people, providing a guideline for stakeholders to develop informed and sensitive policies and programs.

2. Objectives & Scope of Work
The consultant will be responsible for developing a policy brief focused on the human rights of intersex people. The brief should cover key topics, including but not limited to:

  1. Medical and ethical considerations in healthcare.
  2. Legal rights and protections.
  3. Social, economic, and cultural inclusion.
  4. Recommendations for policy development at various levels (local, national, international).

3. Responsibilities
  • Conduct a desk review on the current state of intersex human rights globally.
  • Engage with intersex communities and experts to gather insights and perspectives and for data and findings verification.
  • Draft the policy brief, ensuring it is comprehensive, accurate, clear, and accessible.
  • Collaborate with GATE staff for guidance and feedback.
  • Finalize the policy brief for publication and dissemination.

4. Essential Requirements
  • An in-depth understanding of intersex health and human rights issues.
  • Expertise in carrying out policy analysis and advocacy.
  • Proven ability to engage with diverse communities and stakeholders.
  • Excellent research and writing skills, including compiling data from different sources and analyzing and synthesizing data in a clear and understandable manner.

5. Desirable Skills
  • Previous experience working on intersex or related human rights issues. 
  • A strong network within intersex human rights organizations and activists will be considered an advantage.
  • Experience working with international human rights bodies or similar stakeholders.

6. Selection Process
GATE will select the consultant based on proposals from interested applicants. 

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