Gender Equality Ambassador


Girls in Global

Remote (global)
  • Career category:Advocacy/ Policy, Comms/ Digital/ Media
  • Job type:Volunteering
  • Experience level:Not specified
  • Organisation type:Civil Society
  • Remote option:Remote (global)
  • Right to work requirements:Anyone can apply
  • Salary: Volunteer position
  • Work schedule:Part-time/ Pro-rata
  • Length of contract:Permanent
  • Location:Remote (global)
Generic (e.g. 'gender focal point' role
Girls in Global Ambassador (GiGA)

Equality ambassador for championing the cause of gender diversity in international affairs

Girls in Global is a platform dedicated to empowering and promoting women in the field of international affairs, while highlighting their unique contributions to diplomacy, negotiations, and global leadership. We aim to create a supportive ecosystem that enhances women's participation, representation, and influence in shaping international policies.

Girls in Global gives women in international affairs the resources and platform to start a movement wherever they are. Our members are creating the change they want to see in the world, starting in their local communities by:

- Keeping abreast of research and policies development on gender equality and women empowerment;

- Supporting the development of advocacy strategies; engagement with networks, research institutes, advocacy groups, women’s rights organisations;

- Collaborating with the founders to develop relevant, on-brand social media content;

- Contributing and sharing knowledge, information, best practices, and lessons learnt on gender to ensure high quality programming throughout projects.

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