Consultant, Sustainability Plan


Global Action for Trans Equality (GATE)

Remote (global)
  • Career category:Monitoring & Evaluation /MEAL, Programme/ Project design & management, Research/ Data analysis
  • Job type:Consultancy
  • Experience level:Not specified
  • Organisation type:Civil Society
  • Remote option:Remote (global)
  • Right to work requirements:Anyone can apply
  • Salary: Not Disclosed
  • Deadline:20/10/2023
  • Location:Remote (global)
LGBTQI+ rights/ SOGIESC Trans rights

To devise a holistic sustainability plan, ensuring GATE’s endeavors are sustainable across financial, environmental, social, and operational domains.

Scope of Work

The consultant is tasked with:

  1. Reviewing GATE’s current modus operandi, initiatives, and advocacy campaigns to deduce existing sustainability practices.

2. Engaging with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, from GATE’s expansive global community to internal teams, beneficiaries, and donors.

3. Reference best practices from the non-profit world, extracting lessons, and setting benchmarks.

4. Crafting a thorough sustainability plan, covering:

  • Financial robustness and diversified strategies.
  • Environmental accountability in day-to-day operations.
  • Upholding the principles of social inclusivity and equity.
  • Long-term operational methodologies, including programmatic vision and human resource assessment covering staff development, organizational culture, and wellbeing.
  • Measurable metrics for monitoring sustainability.

5. Designing an actionable implementation blueprint, inclusive of timelines, responsibilities, and budgetary considerations.

6. Developing a training module for GATE’s staff, focusing on the plan’s rollout and periodic monitoring.

The consultant will be reporting directly to GATE’s Executive Director.

Expected Deliverables

1. An evaluative report on GATE’s current sustainability posture.
2. A detailed sustainability blueprint.
3. An implementation guide with chronological steps.
4. Training materials and workshop


The consultancy is projected to extend approximately over 3 months. A granular timeline, segmented by activities and deliverables, is expected from the consultant.


1. Extensive experience in sustainability strategizing, especially in the non-profit or global advocacy sector.
2. Insight into the challenges and nuances of the trans, gender diverse, and intersex populace.
3. Proven stakeholder engagement expertise.
4. Command over English.


The financial structure will be determined after discussions with the consultant(s), considering the consultant’s proposal, the consultant(s) daily rate, and the scale of deliverables.

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