Gender & Human Rights Adviser


European External Action Service (EEAS)

  • Career category:Programme/ Project design & management
  • Job type:Secondment
  • Humanitarian or Development:Humanitarian
  • Experience level:5-10 years
  • Organisation type:Civil Society
  • Remote option:No
  • Right to work requirements:International contract
  • Salary: Not Disclosed
  • Work schedule:Full-time
  • Length of contract:Temporary/ Fixed-term
  • Deadline:10/10/2023
  • Location:Iraq
Generic (e.g. 'gender focal point' role Human rights
Main Tasks and Responsibilities:
•To  advise  the  Head  of  Operations  and  the  Mission  on  human  rights  mainstreaming  in  the implementation  of  the  Mission  mandate,  applying  a  Human  Rights  Based  Approach  in  the Mission’s internal and external activities;
•To assist with the implementation of the mission's human rights due diligence framework;
•To proactively ensure that the Head of Operations and Mission members are up to date with the human rights and gender situation in the Mission area;
•To work closely with other Mission members in particular the Mission’s Human Rights and Gender Adviser (Chief of Staff Office), to ensure coordination of crosscutting issues;
•To  liaise  with  local  and  international  entities  involved  in  the  promotion  and  monitoring  of human rights and gender in the host state;
•Tocoordinate with other EU actors in the host state to ensure an integrated approach;
•To advise on the development and management of strategic communications regarding human rights and gender;
•To  contribute  to  the  development  and  periodic  review  of  the  Mission’s Standard Operating Procedures;
•To provide  training  to  Mission members on human rights and gender mainstreaming and human rights due diligence as required.
•To  conduct  analysis  and  identify  gaps  and  needs about gender  equality,  including comparable analysis with international standards and best practices;
•To advise on the promotion of gender equality, gender mainstreaming, the implementation of Women,  Peace  and  Security  commitments  and  gender-responsive  policy  among  host  state authorities consistent with the Mission Implementation Plan;
•To contribute to the integration of a gender perspective in the analysis, planning and conduct of activities;
•To support and advise on gender equality, gender mainstreaming and the implementation of Women, Peace and Security commitments in the performance of Operations projects;
•To support the  development and implementation of targeted action  an  programme  to promot  gende  equality,  women’  participatio  an  addressin  gender-base  violence, gender-base  discrimination,  harassmen  an  othe  challenge  in  thelocal  counterpart institutions.

General Tasks and Responsibilities:
•To identify and report on lessons learned and best practices within the respective area of responsibility;
•To contribute and ensure timely reporting on activities within the respective area of responsibility;
•To take account of gender equality and human rights aspects in the execution of tasks;
•To undertake any other related tasks as requested by the Line Manager(s).

Essential Qualifications and Experience:
•Successful completion of university studies of at least 3 years attested by a diploma OR a qualification in the National Qualifications Framework which is equivalent to level 6 in the European Qualification Framework OR/AND a qualification of the first cycle under the framework of qualifications of the European Higher Education Area ,e.g.Bachelor's Degree OR equivalent and attested police and/or military education or training or an award of an equivalent rank; AND
•A minimum of 5 years of relevant professional experience, ater havfulfillinge education requirements.
•Knowledge  of  international  human  rights  law  and  principles  and  human  rights  protection systems, and of human rights mainstreaming issues and tools; 
•Drafting, reporting and analytical skills; 

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